Advertising Specifications


Software Formats (Mac or PC)

We prefer PDF files. PDFs must be made using high-quality or press-quality settings. Images must be 300 dpi or greater. Image compression must be set to maximum, resulting in no JPEG compression artifacts. All fonts must be embedded and must be subset below 99%. The PDF should contain only CMYK, no RGB or spot colors. We will convert RGB colors to CMYK and bear no responsibility for any color shifts as a result. Flatten all transparencies. If your PDF contains transparencies, we will flatten it and bear no responsibility for resulting reproduction problems. Do not nest EPS files into other EPS files. We also accept TIFF & JPEG files. Do not embed ICC profiles within images. We cannot accept Corel Draw, Publisher, or Microsoft Word or PowerPoint files.


Resolution of all images must be 300 dpi. Linework requires a resolution of 800-1200 dpi. Make sure your images are supplied at the size they will be printed.


All artwork must be in CMYK (including all placed/imported logos). Do not supply files in RGB. We will convert RGB colors to CMYK and bear no responsibility for any color shifts that result.


Convert your text to paths / curves / outlines. Otherwise, supply all fonts with your job (Postscript or OpenType only). Make sure fonts used in EPS, PDF & TIFF files have been embedded properly. Ensure that you check for and remove “stray points” from your artwork. Do not use artificial font formats.

Supply a proof

Always supply a laser or inkjet proof, a sample of existing printed work. Ensure that you spell-check your job thoroughly and make sure all your details are correct. Advertisers submitting files without proofs forfeit the right to complain for content or quality issues. Texas Parks & Wildlife reserves the right to resize, re-crop or otherwise alter ads that are supplied incorrectly.

Sending your ad

Submit your ad on a CD, DVD or flash drive. We do not accept ad submissions via email larger than 10mb, however you may submit your ad through our secure file-sharing link. When you are ready to submit your ad, please contact us through email: Send any packages to Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine, 4200 Smith School Road, Austin, TX 78744. CDs, DVDs and flash drives will not be returned.

Common Problems

Most common problems are caused due to low-resolution images, missing fonts, incorrect ad sizes, images not converted to CMYK, text outside the safety area, lack of bleed for bleed ads, ads created in nonstandard applications, unacceptable proofs, spot colors, and embedded color profiles.


Submit all creative to your Campaign Manager FIVE (5) days prior to campaign launch. Any creative received after the due date may delay the start of a campaign. Any third-party tags (creative serving and tracking-only) and accompanying technologies being served by tags must be SSL compliant (HTTPS). TPW magazine will not offer makegoods for non-compliant tags. All ads with a white background must include a 1px black border. Ads have a maximum resolution of 150 dpi.

Clicking to other websites

Any click-through included with an ad must take users to the website of the advertiser who purchased the ad space unless written permission is otherwise provided by the other site. Click interactions that initiate the load of a new web page must open that page in a new browser window. Click-throughs can launch only one new browser window.


All functionality visually indicated within ads must be working and not designed to deceive. “Close” or “Skip” buttons must function as labeled and cannot link users to a new website.


TPW magazine does not accept animated digital ads

Naming your file

Because we receive so many different ads, clients should name their ads with their company name (not TPWD or Texas Parks and Wildlife) and whatever other identifying name needed. It is helpful if you include the ad size. For example: “XYZco_promo_name_250x250.jpg”