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Advertising Specifications

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Operating System: Macintosh 10.3

Media: Zip, CD, DVD

Acceptable Applications:

  • Quark XPress
  • Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  • pdf Format (by e-mail, but should mail hard copy)
  • eps Format with embedded graphics and font outlines

Unacceptable Applications:

  • Freehand (placed graphics are OK)
  • Pagemaker
  • Corel Draw

Page: Page Size need to be set as a document trim size of 8-1/8 x 10-7/8; 150 line screen.

Fonts: Please include all screen and printer fonts. Be sure to include any fonts contained in placed graphic files. important: Some RIP software will default text to Courier if Quark text styles are used (i.e. if you click the Bold or Italic buttons in the Measurements palette to create these styles). You must use the actual bold or Italic font, selected from the font menu, for these text styles.

Graphics: All graphic files must be correctly placed, sized, linked, and included with your materials. Placing, sizing, or any other manipulation of graphic files that have been modified or replaced since the document was last saved will be billed.

Photoshop: TIFF or EPS are recommended; PICT and JPEG are acceptable but not recommended (be sure to check the resolution of these file types as they are often low-resolution images).
Colors: CMYK, grayscale, or bitmap TIFF
Photographic images should be at least 305 ppi at 100% of dimensions requested; text or line art should be 1200 ppi.

Illustrator: EPS. We recommend saving any text as outlines.

Freehand: EPS. We recommend saving any text as outlines. Note that if there is a problem with a Freehand graphic (i.e. typo, unavailable font, PMS color, etc.) we will not be able to open the file to correct it. Please send the native Freehand file as well.

Colors: All colors must be set up as CMYK for 4-color separation. PMS colors are NOT acceptable unless previously arranged with the Advertising Department (PMS colors set up for CMYK separation are fine).

Proof: All submissions to the Advertising Department must include a hard copy proof. we cannot be held responsible for errors in ads submitted without a proof. Acceptable digital proofs: Fugi First Look; Polaroid Digital, Kodak Approval.

Ads not meeting these specifications will be corrected at a rate of $75 an hour.

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