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Park Visitor's Wild Pig Tale

At about 11:30 p.m. on June 21, a Government Canyon State Natural Area police officer received a missing-persons call from the San Antonio Police Department. A woman called 911 from somewhere in the park, reporting that an animal had been following her menacingly, and she climbed a tree to escape.

The officer searched her last reported location to no avail but called her cellphone to reassure her that help was on the way. She urged him to please hurry because the animal (which she believed to be a wild pig) was nearby and growling. He turned on his truck siren and asked her to listen. When she couldn’t hear it, the officer told her to use her iPhone to send him her location by text message, which she did. The officer then hiked to that location and found her and a male subject in a tree.

She warned the officer that the pig was still close by — she’d heard it just before he arrived. Soon, the officer heard a car drive over the rumble strips nearby on Galm Road and asked if they believed the noise that they just heard was a pig; both nodded. He explained the source of the noise. The officer reassured the embarrassed hikers that the unknown can be scary and their reaction wasn’t uncommon.

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