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Spicewood Springs Trail

Colorado Bend sits tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the popular chain of lakes known as the Highland Lakes. It’s upstream along a bend in the Colorado River, offering a more unspoiled nature experience.

Gorman Falls gets a lot of the attention here, and for good reason. Across the park, though, an inviting area of pools and waterfalls known as Spicewood Springs offers an enchanting array of scenic riches. The Spicewood Springs Trail follows the spring-fed Spicewood Springs Creek as it cascades down a canyon and creates a series of waterfalls and inviting pools.

From the campground, the trail follows the Colorado River for a while before reaching the Spicewood Springs canyon. Spicewood Springs Creek forms a swimming hole near the point where it empties into the river. Up the canyon, hikers will encounter multiple waterfalls as the creek tumbles down limestone formations. It’s an adventure, with the trail crossing the creek several times and rocky slopes to scramble up.

After a mile or so of creekside hiking, the trail leaves the creek, enters the forest and connects with the Spicewood Canyon Trail. This trail follows the ridge overlooking Spicewood Springs Creek, offering spectacular overlooks of the canyon and taking hikers back to the point where the creek meets the river.

GOOD TO KNOW: The trail markers can be hard to follow, making route-finding challenging. The trail crosses the creek several times (requiring rock-hopping), and hikers may get their shoes wet. At times, the trail skirts by cliffs and scrambles over rocks.

Distance: 3.7 miles round trip • Difficulty level: 3.5/5 • Approximate time: 3 hours

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