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Texas' Bighorns Sheep on the Rebound

One of the most remarkable wildlife sights in the Big Bend region is desert bighorn sheep. Once plentiful, the species disappeared completely from Texas in the 1960s. Through Texas Parks and Wildlife Department conservation and restocking efforts, Texas now has 11 herds of free-ranging desert bighorn sheep. Bighorn sheep numbers are now back to the levels seen in their Texas glory days: 1,500 animals. Let’s learn a little more about this majestic mountain climber.

Rams charge at each other at up to 20 miles per hour

Curled Horns can weigh up to 30 pounds


Keen Eyesight and wide vision enable them to navigate mountains

Rough Soles on hooves allow for better jumping and climbing on rocks

RAM COMBAT can last up to 24 hours

Rams can go for EXtended periods without drinking

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