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Stream Our New ‘Wanderlist’ Podcast

It’s a time for spring daydreams to bloom, so we’ve made it easy to find inspiration for your next Texas nature getaway. We’re happy to introduce you to our new, twice-monthly audio version of our popular “Wanderlists,” featured on TPWD’s Under the Texas Sky podcast.

Under the Texas Sky debuted in 2019 with monthly episodes. After a hiatus, it rebooted in April for its second season, now with weekly offerings. Host Cecilia Nasti saw an opportunity to create some nature travel ear candy.

“I want Under the Texas Sky to collaborate with the magazine somehow, and Wanderlist seems like the perfect choice,” she says. “Wanderlist has been my personal go-to when planning outdoor getaways. Taking it from print to podcast seems like a winner.”

In each episode, Nasti (or associate producer Randall Maxwell) and magazine editor Louie Bond have a conversation about a previously published Wanderlist, with occasional expert interviews and interesting “rabbit trail” wanderings.

The first episode features native flower gardens, with answers to wildflower questions from the public. The second April episode highlights places to watch raptors in Texas and a fascinating discussion about the caracara (the “Mexican eagle”) with our state ornithologist, Cliff Shackelford.

Bond says readers and listeners can engage with the magazine in a brand-new way, by participating in future podcasts that feature Wanderlists.

“Once a month, look for our social media post about an upcoming episode,” Bond says. “We invite you to ask questions about our topic, and we’ll answer them in next week’s podcast. If you record your question, you may even hear yourself on our show.”

Stream or download Under the Texas Sky at underthetexassky.org or find it on major podcast platforms.



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