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How to Butterfly and Truss a Loin

You will need a boning knife and some butcher’s twine. Butterflying will take place with three major cuts, which will resemble a very narrow “U” shape when viewed from the end. Tips courtesy of chef Jess Pryles.

1. Start by making the first cut about ½ inch from the bottom of the loin, stopping before you cut all the way through.

2. Follow the curve of the loin to cut into the middle of the top part.

3. Make the final cut, which will open up the piece into one even slab.

4. Arrange the stuffing across the length of the loin.

5. Measure and cut a section of twine at least three or four times the length of the loin. Make the first loop about ¾ of an inch from the end. Tie a loop and knot it securely.

6. Make a second loop around the loin about ½ inch down, then pass the end of the twine from left to right underneath the loop, pulling to tighten.

7. Continue the process, spacing the loops evenly.

8. When you reach the end of the loin, tie the final loop to secure the other end.

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