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Venison Anticuchos

Patterned after Peruvian kebabs with beef hearts


•  1 ½ pounds venison
•  ½ cup water
•  ½ cup olive oil
•  1 tsp. tomato paste
•  2-3 cloves of garlic
•  ¼ cup red wine vinegar
•  1 tsp. pepper
•  1 bay leaf
•  ½ cup chopped jalapeños


Cut venison meat into 2- to 3-inch cubes from either a round roast or loin (backstrap). Mix meat and all ingredients and put into a covered dish to marinate overnight.

Grill on medium to high heat until inner meat temperature is at your preferred setting (130-135 degrees for medium rare).

Can also be made into kebabs by adding onions, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes or mushrooms between the meat on the skewers.

 Sonja Sommerfeld | TPWD

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