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Make Every Bird Count

Christmas Bird Counts aid in wildlife conservation.

Organized by the National Audubon Society, the annual Christmas Bird Count takes a snapshot of bird populations in locations across the Western Hemisphere, creating a database shared with federal, state and private authorities. It influences the allocation of conservation dollars, land management decisions and wildlife policy and, increasingly, documents change in bird populations.

Christmas Bird Counts have identified a decline in many common birds, including the northern bobwhite, and helped document recovery of bald eagles and significant increases in waterfowl populations.

Dozens of events across the state from December 14 through January 5 welcome birders of all skill levels. Organizers place novices in groups with more experienced birders, providing an opportunity to pass along knowledge.

Participants can discover areas new to them and often see rare and unusual birds. Between the wildlife, unpredictable weather, occasionally remote locations and subtle but unmistakable air of competition, the Christmas Bird Count qualifies as bona fide adventure.

For more information, click on the Birding tab at houstonaudubon.org.

 Melissa Gaskill  Earl Nottingham | TPWD

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