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2020 Photo Contest Winners

Last June, as parks closed and both people and businesses started to lock down, we invited readers to pick up a camera or a smartphone, step into the backyard — or walk around the neighborhood — and share with us the wild beauty of Texas found just outside your doors.

More than 7,400 entries later, we present to you our staff and reader favorites.

To everyone who participated: y'all are amazing.

Thank you for reminding us that, even in the midst of a global pandemic, life is still better outside.

Blooming Plants, Winner
Blooming Plants, Runner-up
Bodies of Water, Winner
Bodies of Water, Runner-up
Heavenly Bodies, Winner
Heavenly Bodies, Runner-up
House Beautiful, Winner
House Beautiful, Runner-up
Nature Attractors, Winner
Nature Attractors, Runner-up
Reader's Choice, Winner
Reader's Choice, Runner-up
Recreation Dreams, Winner
Recreation Dreams, Runner-up
Talk About the Weather, Winner
Talk About the Weather, Runner-up
Unexpected Plants, Winner
Unexpected Plants, Runner-up
What Is It?, Winner
What Is It?, Runner-up
Wild Things - Insects, Winner
Wild Things - Insects, Runner-up
Wild Things - Mammals, Winner
Wild Things - Mammals, Runner-up
Wild Things - Non-Mammals, Winner
Wild Things - Non-Mammals, Runner-up

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