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Don’t Dump that Bait!

Many people don’t realize the potential impact that releasing live bait can have on aquatic life. Bait bucket introductions — anglers dumping live bait into a water body from which that bait did not originate — are one of the most common ways we spread aquatic invasives.

When it’s time to head home from your favorite fishing hole, you may have leftover live bait such as goldfish, minnows, crayfish or shrimp. Resist that voice in your head that says, “Don’t waste them” or “Just release them into the water.” Yikes! This practice has caused the spread of some of the most notorious invaders.

Just remember this: Don’t dump leftover bait in the water at the end of a fishing trip and don’t take live-caught bait (or bait that’s touched lake water) to another lake to use.

Alternatives include taking your bait home to use on a future fishing trip, offering it to another angler to use or placing it in the trash. 

 TPWD Staff
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