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Lake Getaway


Distance: 0.9 miles • Difficulty Level: 1/5 • Approximate Time: 30 minutes

If you’re looking for a summer getaway, the Texas Legislature has a travel recommendation for you. It has designated Lake Whitney as the Getaway Capital of Texas. There’s no arguing with that.

Scenic Lake Whitney, southwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, is a popular place for boating, fishing, skiing and swimming. Lake Whitney State Park resides on its shores.

Besides water fun and some excellent lakefront camping, the state park has a couple of trails to explore, including the Two Bridges Trail.

“The trail got its name because, well, it has two bridges,” says park Superintendent Adam Bain. “It’s about a mile long, and half of the trail goes by the water.”

The trail follows a finger of the lake, offering multiple access points to the water.

“It’s a great place to hike a little and then fish, picnic or play in the water,” Bain says.

That sounds about right for summer hiking in Texas.

After leaving the lake, the trail winds through post oak forest and prairie.

The park is home to many beautiful oaks, and a popular oak tree along the trail extends long, low horizontal limbs that invite people to sit and take a photo.

The two wooden bridges cross small creeks on the trail.

Bain says that park staff has pointed out a low spot on the trail where a third bridge could be installed, but for now, it’s still the Two Bridges Trail, your Lake Whitney hiking getaway.

 Russell Roe  Sonja Sommerfeld | TPWD

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