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U.S. Stamp Features Coral Reef off Texas Coast  

The U.S. Postal Service has released a new stamp series featuring Texas’ own Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary. The stamp set honors the 50th anniversary of the National Marine Sanctuary System, our nation’s underwater national parks.

U.S. national marine sanctuaries protect areas with special ecological, cultural and historical significance.

The 16 new Forever stamps showcase the abundant wildlife and diverse ecosystems that can be found throughout the national marine sanctuaries. The Flower Gardens stamp features a brilliantly colored queen angelfish.

The Flower Garden Banks sanctuary, 100 miles off the Texas coast, protects 160 square miles of habitat in the Gulf of Mexico. Its deep-water features include salt domes, which are underwater mountains, and the reef-building corals that live on top of those formations. Those who visit for sportfishing and diving can see coral heads bigger than cars and a bounty of wildlife including whales, sea turtles, mollusks, crustaceans, birds, rays and hundreds of species of fish.  

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