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Why I Love State Parks

Wallker Lukens

Musician, producer of State Park Centennial album, Texas Wild

IN 2020, I found myself suddenly without the ability to safely play shows or work in the studio. I had lots of time on my hands and — after spending the last 10 years on and off tour — a deep desire to travel.

I started driving but instead of heading for cities, I sought out the green blots on maps that for years I’d been whizzing right past. First, day trips (Blanco State Park, Guadalupe River State Park, Mother Neff, Stephen F. Austin) and then overnight trips (Garner, Caprock Canyons, Mustang Island).

Eventually, it was safe to get out there and work again, but my heart is still more excited to spend time in these beautiful outdoor spaces, tucked away all over the state.

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