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 COURTESY OF Chet Garner

Why I Love State Parks

Chet Garner

Host, “The Daytripper” PBS show

"A GIANT pink rock the size of a planet that crashed into earth, like something out of Star Wars.”

That was my impression of Enchanted Rock when I hiked to the top at 4 years old. The rock grabbed my imagination and still hasn’t let go. 

If something this incredible is hiding down a dusty backroad, then what other wonders could be out there? This question became my inspiration and, eventually, my profession. Even if I’ve visited 20 times, there’s always more to explore, new trails to hike and elusive animals to encounter.

I recently hiked the dome with my family and saw the same spark of curiosity on my kids’ faces. That’s a special kind of enchantment only found in our Texas State Parks.

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