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ng on t he i k o o C i W ld Sid e more a le rn how to do s we lead the way a und quail. s f e h C on aro than wrap bac asti By Cecilia N CLICK HERE to download this article, including recipes. he local food movement, which is gaining momen- tum in urban areas, is beginning to embrace what longtime hunters and anglers have known for generations: wild game and fish are healthy, sustainable and delicious sources of quality protein. When news reports surface of unsanitary conditions or inhumane treatment of live- stock at factory farms and feedlots, or when dubious food additives come to light T — such as "pink slime" used in processed beef products — consumers rethink the origins of their food and what they're feeding their families. They want to know where their food comes from and understand how their food choices affect the overall food system. Because of this, wild-harvest- ed venison, feral hog, water- fowl and fish have emerged as viable and flavorsome alter- natives to their commercially packaged counterparts. Whether home cooks pur- chase farm-raised game meat and fish from the market (which still raises the question of living conditions), or harvest their own from the wild, an important issue remains: how to minimize potential gaminess while enhancing natural flavor and nutritional benefits during cooking. The most important part of that equation happens in the field with the hunters and anglers and whether they’ve handled the meat in a safe and T E XAS PAR K S & W IL DL IF E * 63