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SKILL BUILDER NOW YOU SEE ME… Camouflage helps hunters blend in to the natural backdrop. BY H E I D I R AO PHOTO © TODD STEELE Camouflage comes in many styles, matching just about every type of landscape. I N NATURE, ANIMALS SURVIVE BY USING ANY ADVANTAGE TO AVOID AN ATTACK from predators and to hunt for food. Fish and wildlife species around the world have evolved to blend in to their environments and escape danger through their own varia- tions of camouflage. Most mammals “wear” their camouflage on their fur. Reptiles, amphibians and fish display it with scales and skin. Some birds use their feathers to blend in. Since the ultimate goal of camouflage is to hide from other animals, whether acting as predator or prey, the patterns and coloration on their bodies depend on the environment in which they live. Sharks and dol- 34 * TEXAS HUNTING 2013