Tackle 30 tasks in five categories spread out across six regions of Texas. With COVID on the way out (hopefully!) GOSH returns for year two, sending Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine readers out to explore all 268,597 square miles of Texas in pursuit of family fun, silly selfies and the best Texas summer ever. Ready to GOSH? Pick one of three different ways to play:

1. Complete one activity (or more!) that piques your interest.

GOSH is a neat way for us to share a bunch of our favorite Texas summer destinations and activities. Go through and pick a few — include some you’ve never tried before — then hit the road and enjoy! You won’t win a cash jackpot, but you’ll be out having a great Texas summer. As far as we’re concerned, that makes you a big winner.

2. Complete every GOSH activity in a single region.

Prefer to stay close to home? Complete all five activities in your region and you’ll get a handsome, downloadable certificate commemorating your achievement, along with a shout-out in a future issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife, in which we’ll salute our GOSH participants.

Dallas Region

Central Texas Region

Houston Region

Panhandle Region

South Texas Region

West Texas Region

Here’s how to enter the contest and show you’ve completed each task: Every entry includes a location and a corresponding selfie. Sign up here, grab your phone or digital camera and snap a photo of yourself as described in the entry. After that, just post it to Twitter, Instagram or the TPW magazine Facebook page with the hashtag #GOSH2021. Don't have a social media account? You can also upload your selfies here.    

For example, to “win” the Houston category, you'll need to upload five selfies total, one corresponding to each of the tasks listed below. Complete all activities in multiple regions — but not all six regions — and you’ll have additional bragging rights, although the prize is the same.

3. Complete all 30 activities on the GOSH list.

If you complete all 30 activities (36 if you count the bonus activities) on this year’s hunt and upload all corresponding selfies to social media or our online portal, you’ll win the ultimate GOSH bragging rights and the admiration of the Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine staff. You’ll also win a downloadable certificate crowning you a GOSH-er par excellence, and a two-year digital subscription to Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine. Best of all, you can forever bask in the knowledge that you’ve truly enjoyed the best Texas summer ever.

Since all good things come to an end, GOSH 2021 ends at midnight on Labor Day, Sept. 6, 2021.  If you want to read a bunch of legalese, click here for complete rules and disclaimers.  

Finally, a big GOSH hat-tip to Austin-based illustrator Bryan Spear for making this year's contest look so good.