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Spincast Rods & Reels

There are some new advances to this first and favorite fishing gear.

By Gibbs Milliken

The spincast rod and closed-face reel are almost everyone’s first and favorite choice for foolproof casting. The perfect fishing cast is as easy as pushing a button when using these outfits.

The latest spincasting reels have anodized aluminum frames with stainless steel ball bearings, multiple pick-up line pins and smoother drags. Specialized trigger rods have more flexible tips, longer midsections and thicker butts to balance the casting action and fish-lifting capabilities. The trigger-finger grip design improves rod control and casting accuracy. The result is a combination of a simple-to-operate reel, a sensitive rod and hours of fishing without the hassle of backlashes, wind tangles and line twists.

A prime example is the new Omega ZO3 Reel, which is well constructed of thick, highly polished anodized aluminum. It has a smooth power transmission and silky retrieve. The three ceramic pick-up pins provide positive line capture and have carefully rolled edges to prevent abrasion. The compact size and small spool and orifice of this reel limit the line size to only 80 yards of 10-pound monofilament, but for most freshwater fishing, this is an excellent reel for a conventional 6 1/2-foot casting rod such as the Fenwick Eagle GT. ($49.95, Omega ZO3 Reel, Zebco, (918) 836-5581, www.zebco.com. $64.95, Fenwick Eagle GT Rod, #EGT66TM, Fenwick, (877) 336-7637, www.fenwickfishing.com)

The latest 7-foot Airrus Co-Matrix 457 Rod offers the most advanced design in filament-wound graphite materials with a cushioned, nonslip, foam grip in the cork handle. The rod butt is heavy-duty for lifting, with a medium midsection and flexible, responsive tip. A match for this rod is the Daiwa Silvercast 170 Reel, which has a sturdy metal housing, smooth drag and enough line capacity for most freshwater and light saltwater fishing. ($89.95, Airrus Rod, # AC701M, Airrus, (702) 395- 2173, www.rodsbyairrus.com. $22.95, Silvercast 170 Reel, Daiwa Corp., (562) 802-9589. www.daiwa.com)

Coastal fishing often requires a rod with extra length and backbone for longer casts and larger fish. The 9-foot, two-piece, fast-action G. Loomis Trigger Rod, combined with a star drag Mitchell Spidercast Reel and 30-pound test Ghost Green Fusion Line, will win the battle with most inshore species. Another excellent long rod-and-reel combination is the 8 1/2 foot Fenwick TehnaAV Rod paired with the Abu Garcia Abumatic 1076 Reel, spooled with the same Fusion line. This rig is smooth, light and responsive for lure or live-bait casting to redfish and trout in the bays and channels. ($195, Trigger Rod, four color choices, Model: STR 1084C, G. Loomis, (800) 456-6647, www.gloomis.com. $23.84, Spidercast Reel, Model: SC400W, Wal-Mart, (800) 925 - 6278, www.walmart.com. $179.95, TechnaAV Rod, #AVC86MM-2, Fenwick. $44.95, Abumatic Reel, Pure Fishing. $8.99, 150 Yds. Ghost Green Fusion Line, Pure Fishing. (877) 777-3850. www.purefishing.com)

The secret to trouble-free spincasting is to always keep some resistance on the line during the retrieve so it will lie down level on the spool. When fighting a fish, do not constantly reel against the drag, because this causes loops from line-twist. With a strong fish, simply pump the rod to gain line on the downswing. When reeling in loose line, hold the line between your fingers just forward of the reel to provide some resistance for smooth spooling and hours of fishing without a reel jam or backlash.

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