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By Charles J. Lohrmann

The title page photograph is the one I keep coming back to: It’s an insouciant, slit-eyed armadillo returning the camera’s gaze with an uncharacteristically smug countenance. Our nine-banded friend appears to be glancing up while taking a drink. But regardless of what the animal is doing or what’s going on in its scaly head, I feel safe saying you have not enjoyed this perspective on an armadillo before. And the same is true for many of the creatures captured in Texas Wildlife Portfolio, photography by KAC Productions and Dave Welling (KAC Productions/FarCountry Press, 120 pages, $24.95 hardcover). Like the armadillo, many of the birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and insects are caught at an unexpected moment — like the great blue heron gulping down a fish larger than its head — and provide an unusual and memorable image. But there’s nothing cute or anthropocentric about the photographs. The images — many created by photographers who have had work featured in this magazine — present amazingly crisp, saturated colors and stunning detail. All of the images offer sharp documentary quality, but there are many that transcend to deliver the interpretive power of art with the precise attention to detail of the scientist.

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