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Hard data and fun facts about your state parks.

Goose Island State Park

By Bryan Frazier

1,620 feet —

the length of the lighted fishing pier that overlooks Goose Island State Park and extends out into the bay.

1,000 years —

the estimated age of the famous “Big Tree” located at Goose Island State Park.

300 —

the number of bird species that can be found in Goose Island State Park and are listed on the park’s checklist.
The park is also home to some of the best seasonal habitat for observing the famed and endangered whooping crane.

127 campsites

are available for rental inside Goose Island SP, 45 of which are located directly along the waterfront shoreline.

25 —

the number of acres of marshland that will be restored in a cooperative conservation partnership.

1 —

mile is the length of Goose Island shoreline stabilized by a new breakwater that created a 40-acre lagoon and enhanced seagrass habitat.

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