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Zebra Mussels Found in Canyon Lake, Lake Travis | Red Snapper Season Extended in Federal Waters| Wild Texas Film Tour

Zebra Mussels Found in Canyon Lake, Lake Travis

Invasive zebra mussels were positively identified in June in two Central Texas river basins: on June 8 at Canyon Lake in the Guadalupe River basin and on June 22 at Lake Travis in the Colorado River basin.

 “It really hits home how important it is for boaters to take the appropriate steps,” said Brian Van Zee, Inland Fisheries regional director for TPWD. “They need to clean, drain and dry their boats every time they leave a lake.”

In Texas, it is unlawful to possess or transport zebra mussels, dead or alive, and that applies to all types and sizes of boats, whether powered or not. With more than 1,500 boat ramps in Texas, it will take the concerted effort of boaters, marinas and concerned citizens to help prevent their spread.

Zebra mussels can cover shoreline rocks and litter beaches with treacherously sharp shells, clog public-water intakes and damage boats and motors left in infested waters. Zebra mussels can colonize on the shells of native mussels; threatened freshwater mussels that could be negatively affected include the Texas pimpleback, the golden orb and the Texas fatmucket.

Since zebra mussels were first found in Texas in 2009,  11 lakes in five river basins have been classified as infested. More information at tpwd.texas.gov/ZebraMussels.

Red Snapper Season Extended in Federal Waters

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, other Gulf states and the U.S. Department of Commerce have agreed to allow private recreational anglers to catch red snapper in federal waters on weekends this summer, from June 16 through Labor Day (Friday through Sunday, plus July 3-4 and Sept. 4).

After a disappointing three-day federal fishing season for private recreational anglers in June, discussions developed between the states, their state congressional offices and the Department of Commerce to explore ways to extend the season this summer.

TPWD sought public input on different options, settling on closing some days of fishing in Texas waters from the shore out to 9 nautical miles in exchange for more fishing days on which both state and federal waters would be available for recreational anglers.

Texas state waters will remain open for the duration of the fall season starting Sept. 5.

Wild Texas Film Tour

A film tour showcasing wildlife, adventure and conservation stories will come to 11 Texas cities in September and October. Filmmaker Ben Masters and producer Hillary Pierce are launching the tour in hopes of raising awareness of local conservation issues, inspiring viewers  to engage in grassroots efforts and increasing recruitment for local conservation organizations.

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