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Picture This: Focus on the Wild

Foundation's photo contest celebrates the Texas outdoors.

By Earl Nottingham

To help celebrate its 25th anniversary of working to promote the outdoors, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation invited supporters to enter a yearlong photo contest coined Focus on the Wild. Each month, a different subject allowed entrants to showcase their individual talents, with the winner receiving special prizes in addition to exposure on the foundation’s website.

I was enlisted to be the contest judge, which proved to be no easy task since it quickly became apparent that Texas has some really, really good photographers out there.

When judging a photo contest consisting of hundreds of images in multiple categories such as wildlife, sunsets, rivers and people, it’s important to see and appreciate the individual vision and creativity that each photographer brings to the table and not to pre-judge based on personal likes or dislikes. Luckily, among those hundreds of images, there will be those that quickly jump out from the pack and scream “winner.”

Usually their common denominators are the tried-and-true photographic elements of artistic lighting, strong composition, creative use of color and, in the case of human or animal subjects, interesting behavior. As you will see, the winning entries excelled at all of those components. By embracing those creative elements, the photographers have produced engaging images that celebrate the natural jewels that Texas has to offer in its wild places.

A selection of monthly award winners in the Focus on the Wild contest.


Window on Davis Mountains


Pelican Sunset


Smile For the Camera


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