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Gators Gone Wild

Removed from the endangered species list in 1978, the American alligator is protected in all 10 states where it’s found. Allowing harvest as a sustainable economic resource provides incentive to protect and manage alligator habitat for these amazing animals. The spring alligator hunting season starts April 1 (no fooling).

Quick Facts

Alligators can swim up to 20 mph and run on land as fast as 11 mph.

Alligators can grow to more than 11 feet long and weigh nearly a half-ton.

Social creatures, alligators often stay in groups called congregations.

Alligators can’t control their internal temperature. When cold, they sunbathe; when hot, they go for a swim.

Unlike most other carnivores, alligators eat fruit, too.

All the alligator’s upper teeth show when its jaws are closed.

The temperature of the alligator’s nest determines the gender of the offspring.



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