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Paluxy River Trail

Dinosaur Valley State Park

At Dinosaur Valley, the Paluxy River Trail isn’t so much of a destination trail — it’s more utilitarian than that. It’s practically the mass transit system for the park. People hop on and hop off the trail as they visit various dinosaur track sites and swimming holes and walk from campsites to other park areas. The trail passes by most of the park’s main features as it follows the river’s course through the park, including the tracks, the campground, the picnic area and the trailhead for across-the-river trails. If you visit the park, you’ll probably be on this trail at one time or another, whether you know it or not.

The Paluxy River is your constant companion on this trail as it flows over hardscrabble limestone terrain. The trail takes visitors through wooded areas, developed park areas and meadows filled with prairie grasses.

Experiencing the dinosaur tracks is a treat for all ages and provides a palpable link to these giant reptiles that roamed our world millions of years ago. The Main Track Site is where Roland T. Bird made the world’s first discovery of a sauropod trackway. Upstream, the Ballroom Track Site contains hundreds of tracks moving in all directions. In between, Blue Hole features more tracks and a swimming hole that’s been used by locals for generations.

All the action happens in the middle section of the trail. However, if you take time to venture to either end of the trail, you’ll discover more remote sections of river that are inviting, relaxing and rewarding.

Whether you walk just a portion or the entire thing, the Paluxy River Trail is your gateway to Dinosaur Valley.

DISTANCE: 1.9 miles one-way • DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Easy • APPROXIMATE TIME: 1.5 hours (allow more time for exploring)



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