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To some people, a photograph is no more than a moment in time that has been captured forever, through the wonders of science, to be preserved or cherished for a lifetime. To others, it is a method of communicating with others or, better yet, art. Wildlife and outdoors photography presents its own set of challenges, and Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine takes pride in exhibiting the work of some of the state's finest photographers each month.

From Our Pages: Photography Articles

Picture This: Crank It Up

Opportunities expand for shooting in low light. read more

Picture This: Hip to be Square

Shooting square requires a different type of photographic thinking. read more

Picture This: Camera Obscura

Photographer Ian Kasnoff turns a trailer into a camera to capture state park landscapes. read more

Picture This: An Artful Second Act

Photographer turns wildlife shots into works of beauty. read more

Picture This: Shooting Blooms

Smartphones boost options for flower photo creativity. read more

Photo Essay: Focus on the Wild

Foundation's photo contest celebrates the Texas outdoors. read more

Picture This: Shoot the Moon

Lunar photography provides its own set of special challenges. read more

Wildlife in Focus

In photo contest, nature’s the star. read more

Picture This: Click-mas List

Photographers will enjoy unwrapping the latest photo and video gear. read more

Picture This: Dedicated to Craft

South Texas photographer Hector Astorga works hard to make his images just right. read more

Picture This: Elements of Excellence

The keys to a prize-winning photograph lie in these 12 competition standards. read more

Picture This: Photographing Moving Water

The silky effects of water can add a touch of magic to a photograph. read more

Picture This: Pictures of Summer

The season of heat and bright light brings special challenges and opportunities for photographers. read more

Picture This: Keeping It Steady

Stabilizers are evolving to enhance video shot on phones and action cams. read more

Photo Essay: One in a Million

Veteran wildlife photographer Wyman Meinzer shares images of his rarest finds. read more

Picture This: Think Shallow

Use of selective focus brings special attention to the subject of a photograph. read more

Picture This: The Blue Hour

After the sun goes down, the first few minutes of evening present a special photographic opportunity. read more

Picture This: Accentuate the Negative

Incorporating ‘negative space’ into your images will add context and provide some breathing room. read more

Picture This: Prime Time

Although zoom lenses are better than ever, don’t forget the old standby: the prime lens. read more

Picture This: Optics for All

Ever-improving scopes and binoculars offer a clear eye on the outdoors. read more

Picture This: Capturing the Colors of Fall

Autumn provides creative chances to photograph the vivid beauty of the season. read more

Picture This: The Burden of Excess Gear

Acquiring more camera equipment doesn’t lead to better photography. Or does it? read more

Picture This: Do You Need a Filter?

Filters help protect your lens and enable color correction, but they have drawbacks. read more

Picture This: Eye in the Sky

Drones are grabbing the buzz in the photo and film worlds. read more

Photo Essay: Living History

Re-enactors bring the past to life. read more

Picture This: Refining Color

Moving beyond "auto" on the white balance setting can enhance your photos. read more

Picture This: Better Wildlife Photography

Avoiding these three errors will get you closer to pulling off that winning animal shot. read more

Bare Bones

Loss of sight caused photographer Jim Bones to see Big Bend in a different light. read more

Picture This: Action Cams

Small video cameras pump up the thrills in outdoor photography.. read more

Picture This: Photo Round-Trip

Your smart device and its apps can serve as a processor for enhancing images from your camera or desktop. read more

Picture This: Digital Darkroom

Post-processing allows a wide array of enhancements to be made to a photograph. read more

Picture This: 3 for the Tree

With big advances in digital photography, it's a great time to unwrap a camera for Christmas. read more

Picture This: Winning Shots

Here are the winners from our Texas State Parks 2014 Photo Contest. read more

Picture This: Zooming In

'Digiscoping' marries cameras and magnifying optics to create close-up shots. read more

Picture This: Finding a New Angle

Flip-out screens on cameras add flexibility and convenience to photographic endeavors. read more

Padre: A Photo Essay by Chase Fountain

The sand and surf of Padre Island National Seashore create a place of isolation and beauty. read more

Picture This: Back It Up

It’s easier than ever to protect your digital assets. read more

Picture This: The Age of Video

Tips for making your smartphone videos look their best. read more

Picture This: Ambassador With a Camera

Teen uses photography and video to inspire peers about nature. read more

Picture This: Shooting Rainbows

How to boost your chances of capturing this fleeting phenomenon. read more

Desert Skies: A Photo Essay by Earl Nottingham

Clouds and rain become a part of the landscape when late-summer storms move across West Texas. read more

Picture This: Shooting in Winter

Adjustments are required when cold and snow enter the picture. read more

Picture This: The Gift of Optics

With cameras and binoculars, quality and convenience just keep getting better. read more

Picture This: Using Scale in Landscapes

Scale objects and a sense of depth bring dimension to photographs. read more

Picture This: Highlights and Shadows

Exposure controls help preserve details in a photograph’s lightest and darkest areas. read more

Picture This: The Exposure Triangle

Lightness and darkness depend on the right balance of shutter speed, aperture and ISO. read more

Picture This: Getting Exposure Right

Images too light or too dark? Correcting your camera’s light meter can solve the problem. read more

Picture This: The New Crop of Cameras

Smaller and more versatile products combine photo, video, Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities. read more

Picture This: Kids and Cameras

Nighttime offers rewarding opportunities for photographers. read more

Photo Essay: Into the Night

Photographer Chase Fountain’s view of Texas under the stars. read more

Picture This: Shooting Stars

Nighttime offers rewarding opportunities for photographers. read more

Picture This: Gifts for Shutterbugs

Presents for the photographer in your life don’t have to break the bank. read more

Picture This: Video for Everyone

Digital cameras and phones make it easier to shoot footage. read more

Picture This: Shooting Fall Color

Though autumn foliage doesn’t always show off, these tips will help you get the best shots. read more

Picture This: The Art of Seeing

To develop greater visual awareness, open your imagination to nuances of light, color and texture. read more

Picture This: Leading Lines

Diagonal composition can pull a viewer into a photo and tell a visual story. read more

Picture This: Out of the Middle

The Rule of Thirds brings visual energy to photographs. read more

Picture This: Sensors and Sensitivity

Technical advances enable cameras to better capture the drama of low-light photography. read more

Picture This: There's an App for That

Smartphones and camera apps are making it easy for photographers to express their creativity. read more

Picture This: Critter Cam

Game cameras — keeping watch for wildlife — are smaller and better than ever. read more

Picture This: Photo Contest Winners

Take a look at the top picks from our photography competition. read more

Photo Essay: Scorched

If it wasn’t the drought, it was the heat. If it wasn’t the heat, it was wildfires. Texas has suffered through a brutal year of severe weather and destructive blazes. read more

Picture This: Getting Colors Right

‘White balance’ settings compensate for variations in light. read more

Picture This: View From the Porch

Retiree’s morning photo sessions reflect the nature of each day. read more

Picture This: Keeping Your Camera Steady

One of the factors that distinguish a great photograph from a mediocre one is sharpness — or lack of it due to camera motion. read more

Picture This: Calibrate Your Monitor

I’m often called upon to explain why someone’s new high-dollar, multi-megapixel digital camera takes such lousy photos. Many times, images that look terrible on our computer monitors are not the problem of the camera or the photographer but of the monitor itself. Just as a television can be adjusted for optimal color, so can a monitor. read more

Photo Essay: Water Parks

Waters born from above and below, from desert downpours to crystalline springs, carve their way across the vast Texas map, shaped and colored by their geography and geology. Along their transformative journeys, many will flow through tranquil places, away from the noise and trappings of civilization. read more

The State of Texas Photography

It's no secret that Texans like to brag about being the best. Our state has abundant opportunities for photographers to capture landscapes and wildlife portraits. read more

Why We Shoot

Why do you take pictures? The reasons are as unique as the number of individuals behind the cameras and yet, there are some basic similarities. Many of us use photography primarily as a tool to remember and savor the fleeting moments in life. read more

Our Photo Contest Winners

2011 Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine Photo Contest — Congratulations to our photo contest winners — Laura Vu, Howard Cheek and Daniel Ray! View the gallery of winners and finalists here. The winning photos are featured in photographer Earl Nottingham's column in the January 2012 issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Frame by frame: Our 2011 photo issue

Big Bend

Earl Nottingham: Moments in Time

Wyman Meinzer: Drama of the Landscape

John C. Abbott: Inside the Insectarium

Russell A. Graves: Solitary Power

Lance Varnell: From Sea to Shore

TPWD Staff: Ebb and Flow

Also: Our 2010 Photo Issue: Beyond Words

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