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2016 Hunting Guide

Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine's new Hunting Guide is your free, go-to source for species information and hunting tips. This special feature is exclusive to the Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine mobile app, which can be downloaded (also for free) to your Android or Apple devices.

Texas hunting

From dove to deer, Texas harbors a wealth of hunting opportunities. On our hunting page, you can find hunting magazine articles, hunting videos and other hunting resources.


From Our Pages: Hunting Articles

Get Out: Shooting Clays

Shotgun shooting is a growing sport with three popular shooting clay games: trap, skeet and sporting clays. read more

Get Out: Turkey Hunting

Tips and gear for this uniquely American tradition. read more

Big Country Geese

‘Texas Midwest’ wetlands lure large numbers of overwintering waterfowl. read more

Skill Builder: Safe Up There

Tree stands give hunters visibility and camouflage, but can be dangerous. read more

Wide-Open Whitetails

Successful wildlife management results in plentiful deer on the Rolling Plains. read more

Hunting With a Chef

A weekend’s pursuit of deer and hogs culminates in a mouthwatering wild game feast. read more

Raising Black Wolves

Young hunters find adventure on an outdoor club’s mentored hunt. read more

Skill Builder: Post-Season Scouting

Increase your chance for hunting success next year by starting now. read more

Skill Builder: Using a Muzzleloader

You get only one chance to shoot with this primitive but satisfying gun. read more

A Hunter's Better Half

The incredible bond between a duck hunter and his dog. read more

Her First Hunt

License? Check. Training? Check. Now it all comes down to the moment you pull the trigger. read more

Fields of Dove

Opening weekend revives Texas hunters’ passion for doves. read more

Bighorn by Bow

Round Rock's mayor scores the first ram by bow and arrow on Texas public land. read more

Lunar Legacy

Astronaut passes hunting heritage on to his family. read more

Skill Builder: Home on the Range

Practice makes perfect for all kinds of shooting enthusiasts. read more

Skill Builder: Patience, Practice, Persistence

Three top tips for improving your shotgun skills. read more

Call of the Wild Turkeys

Symphony conductor draws on musical skills to beguile spring gobblers. read more

The Allure of Antlers

Antlers have comforted and benefited man as spiritual icons and cultural artifacts ranging from tools to art. read more

Scent to Help

Trained dogs lead hunters to wounded deer. read more

Growing Bigger Trophies

Restrictions in East Texas counties are leading to better antler production. read more

First Hunt

Youth hunting event changes the lives of young participants, including my son. read more

At Issue by Carter Smith

Wife does it right in taking her first buck. read more

Skill Builder: Lock Away Danger

Proper gun storage is essential for safety. read more

Digital Drawing

Public hunt drawing system goes paperless. read more

Legend, Lore and Legacy: Raining Ducks

Looking back at 100 years of waterfowl hunting in Texas. read more

Deer Hunt on the Dobbs

Six young hunters and their dads spend an unforgettable weekend hunting in the Hill Country. read more

Skill Builder: Where Did It Go?

Follow the signs to successfully recover downed game. read more

The Gator Wranglers

Landing alligators is an exciting mix of hunting and fishing. read more

Sharp-Shooting Centenarian

This 100-year-old hunter doesn’t let her age interfere with harvesting a buck. read more

The Draw of the Bow

Heritage, training and technology come together for a memorable first bow hunt. read more

First Harvest

Women’s waterfowl hunt opens a new world for beginning hunters. read more

Bucketfuls of Bushy-Tails

Remembering the halcyon days of East Texas squirrel hunting. read more

New Challenge for Mule Deer

TPWD to collect samples, consider movement rules to contain chronic wasting disease. read more

Hunting Forecast 2012-13

Here’s the lowdown on whitetails and more, straight from the experts. read more

The Greatest Conservation Story You've Never Heard

Federal program has played an essential role in wildlife restoration for 75 years. read more

On the Wings of a Dove

A quick history of dove hunting in Texas. read more

Quail Quandary

Will habitat disappear before we figure out how to save bobwhites? read more

Are You King of the Roost?

Acing this quiz on turkey hunting laws would be a real feather in your cap. read more

No Place to Run

An agreement between states keeps sportsmen from flouting game laws. read more

Why We Hunt

At the ripe old age of 14, I was determined to prove that I was ready to hunt alone and, with a little luck, kill my first buck. read more

Skill Builder: Sporting Clays

Shotgun sport can help you hone your skills before hunting. read more

Hunting Forecast, 2011-12

It's not all bad news, despite the drought. Hunting seasons are upon us, and there will be adequate game for hunters. read more

Hunting Camps Offer More Than Just a Place to Rest

In dry, open country, canted light makes a good camp. We’d chosen camp simply by stopping to hunt. Why look further? This patch of desert would serve as well as any of the surrounding million acres. read more

Skill Builder: Is It Safe, Legal and Ethical?

Shoot or don’t shoot? Skilled hunters can quickly assess whether any shot is safe, legal and ethical, but it takes knowledge and experience to determine the answer. read more

Hunting for a Place to Hunt? Check Out Public Lands

Many hunters overlook an affordable and readily available option: the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s public hunting program, which offers a range of hunting opportunities as diverse as the state itself. read more

Raptor Rapture

Sport meets art in falconry, where birds are the hunters. In this discipline, the type of raptor deployed depends on the terrain and the quarry. read more

On the Hunt With Squirrel Dogs

My mountain cur, Cate, gives a yelp up a gentle rise to my right. Then a long, low bawl farther up the rise, followed by a clear, rapid, chopping bark. She's looking up; she's treed a squirrel. Curs, feists and terriers aren't glamorous, but they can sure find small game. read more

Preparing Venison, From Field to Plate

Preparing your own venison feast is the ultimate local food experience. Chef Jesse Griffiths shows how to minimize waste and maximize flavor of nature's perfect protein. read more

Hunt of a Lifetime

Sure, the odds are imposing. Larry Holland spent his last dollars on school supplies before his kids talked him into buying a ticket on credit. The odds were against Ty Chumley, who didn¹t even have a rifle, with his one ticket last year. But they got lucky and won a Big Time Texas Hunt. read more

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2015 Hunting Forecast

This year's rains have brought bright prospects for fall hunting. TPWD experts tell us just how good it might be for deer, dove and more in this digital-only magazine extra.

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Texas Hunting 2014

Hunters are gearing up for the season, and our TPWD experts outline the prospects for deer, dove and more in this Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine digital extra: Texas Hunting 2014.

Deer | Dove | Waterfowl | Quail | Turkey | Squirrel
Firearm safety | Game meats | Chef recipes

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Texas Hunting 2013

How's the hunting? Our experts give the outlook for deer, dove and more in this Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine digital extra: Texas Hunting 2013.

Whitetail forecast | Turkey, dove, quail forecast
Hunter ed | Rifle preparation | Camouflage

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Texas Hunting 2012

Are you ready for hunting season? Scout the hunting possibilities in this Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine digital extra: Texas Hunting 2012.

Dove/teal outlook | Hunting on a budget
Trophy bighorn | Youth hunt tips | Game recipes
Safety through education | Meat processing

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Hunting gear guide

Crossbow Weather

If visions of hunting gear fill your head, you’ll find lots of affordable items in the Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine gear guide. Whether you're a hunter, angler, bird watcher, hiker, camper or nature photographer, you’re sure to find something you need for your next outdoor outing. GEAR GUIDE

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