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Texans share their state with a great diversity of animals, from tiny insects to large mammals. On our wildlife page, you can find wildlife magazine articles, wildlife videos and other wildlife resources.

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From Our Pages: Wildlife Articles

Like a Moth to a Flame

Caterpillars can be pesky, but their transformations into moths are worth the trouble.

The Butterfly Effect

UT biologist Camille Parmesan connects climate to wildlife.

Black Market Wildlife

Texas game wardens protect the state's wildlife from illegal trade.

Wait Before 'Rescuing'

Many baby animals don't need your help.

Wind and Wildlife

Texas is the No. 1 wind energy state, but what’s the effect on bats and birds?

Bat Killer

White-nose syndrome may cause 'the most precipitous wildlife collapse of the past century.'

Oyster Coast

Threats to our favorite bivalve result in conservation efforts on the half-shell.

The Comeback Kid

Once plentiful pocket pets, ‘horny toads’ are being reared in zoos to release in the wild.

Legacy: Dog Town

The world’s largest prairie dog colony once covered a large swath of Texas.

How Did the Wildlife Cross the Road?

Biologists study road ecology to reduce harmful effects of highways on animals.

Legacy: Invasion of the Body Snatchers

'Zombie' parasites are the stuff of Halloween nightmares.

Saving Species Sooner

The Recovering America's Wildlife Act could help protect Texas species in peril.

Swimming With Sharks

Scientists track ocean predators.

Roar of the Lionfish

Battling an invasive species.

Legacy: Tony's Ark

Tony Amos rehabilitated Texas' coastal creatures.

On the Wings of Pollinators

TPWD guidelines help you fill your yard with butterflies, birds and bees.

Wild in the 'Hood

Coexisting with North America's most resilient predator, the coyote. read more

Cat Crossing

Underpasses are built for ocelots in the Valley. read more

The Right Track

The ancient art of tracking helps you follow your wildlife dreams. read more

New in Town

Texas’ landscape features an ever-evolving roster of species. read more

Wildlife in Focus

In photo contest, nature's the star. read more

Minding the Hive

Concerns continue over honeybee demise. read more

The Big Stink

Researchers delve into the marvelous, malodorous world of Texas skunks. read more

Venom Quest

Secrets of the Serpentarium: Texas A&M-Kingsville lab explores beneficial uses of snake venom. read more

Maiden of the Monarchs

Discoverer of butterfly wintering site breaks decades of silence to tell her story. read more

Can We Bring Quail Back?

Preliminary results from focus areas show growth in bobwhite populations. read more

Legend, Lore & Legacy: Avian Mailmen

Carrier pigeons still bring messages on the wing. read more

Butterfly Banquet

Texas becomes a key player in a three-nation effort to help critical pollinators survive. read more

Death of the Sea Wolf

The now-extinct Caribbean monk seal used to visit the Texas coast. read more

Three Nations, One Gulf

United States, Mexico and Cuba collaborate on marine life issues. read more

Venomous Vipers

Snakes can by frightening, but only a handful are dangerous in Texas. read more

Whooo Do You Love?

The wonders of watching a screech-owl family in an urban backyard. read more

Nature Without Borders

Protecting and managing wildlife and habitat in the Big Bend. read more

Bat Mania

Pest-eating fliers face an uncertain future. read more

Legend, Lore & Legacy: Dia de las Mariposas

Historic 1921 flood brought subsequent butterfly deluge. read more

Good News for Bats

No evidence of deadly white-nose syndrome found in Texas. read more

Fearsome, Fascinating, Fluorescent

Taking the sting out of Texas’ much-maligned scorpions. read more

New Sea Turtle Challenges

After years of improving numbers, Kemp’s ridleys are on the decline again. read more

Butterfly on the Brink?

Monarch monitoring show their migration's in trouble. read more

On the Bobcat Trail

Researchers are studying wildcats in the Fort Worth area. read more

The Roar of the Lionfish

Can we eat our way out of the latest invasive problem? read more

Log a Frog, Share a Snake

Citizen scientists play a role in conservation by reporting wildlife sightings. read more

Wildlife Warriors

Texans "raise the barn" together to protect native animals. read more

Last Stand of the Red Wolf

America’s "other wolf" was reintroduced to the wild after a last-ditch roundup in Texas. read more

creature feature: a look at Texas animal species


Prairie massasauga

Brazos water snake

Black bear

Kern's flower scarab

Texas blind snake

Magnolia green jumping spider

Giant cicada

Moon jellyfish

Giant walking stick

Mountain lion

Eastern cottontail


Snout butterfly


Southern flannel moth

Giant darner dragonfly


Luna moth

Jerusalem cricket

Black-spotted newt


American burying beetle

Reticulate collared lizard

Big Bend mud turtle

Swift fox and kit fox


Texas kangaroo rat


Tarantula-hawk wasp

Texas tortoise

Pecos River muskrat

Texas indigo snake

Wolf snail

Lightning whelk

Giant redheaded centipede

Skeleton shrimp

Houston toad

Yellow jacket

River otter

Fox squirrel and gray squirrel

See more animal profiles at the TPWD Wildlife Fact Sheets page

Wildlife on TPWD video

Running With the Bison at Caprock Canyons

Get up close and personal with the official Texas State Bison Herd.

Bighorn Sheep Restoration

Desert bighorns are reintroduced into Big Bend Ranch State Park.

Ocelot Survival

The ocelot is a beautiful but endangered wild cat. In South Texas, these cats are fighting for survival, and researchers are trying to help.

Pronghorn CSI

Pronghorn antelope populations have experienced a sharp decline in the Big Bend region, and scientists aren't sure why.

Watch more videos on the TPWD YouTube channel

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