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Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine is committed to providing our readers with informative and timely stories and news that feature the animals, people and land that make Texas so unique. While we all weather our current national crisis, some aspects of our customer and subscription services may not be up to our usual standards. We apologize in advance for any delays you may encounter in receiving your subscription, locating newsstand copies of our magazine, ordering back issues or making changes to your account. Editorial staff will assist you as quickly as possible while we telework from various locations throughout the state.

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Photos shot for the January|February issue

Silver Linings

Life is not sweet without the bitter. Nature, both cruel and kinds, holds many answers to what ails us and extends loving arms to comfort us.

We hope 2021 brings you the promise and hope of a new beginning, with the comfort of all wild places and things this state offers to soothe and inspire us.

West Texas Icons

The loss of three colleagues leaves a void in a critical bighorn restoration team.

Froylan Hernandez got a call August 8 that the helicopter conducting bighorn sheep surveys was late for refueling. He was worried, but he wasn't too worried. There were lots of reasons the crew could be delayed.

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Remembering Jacob

Annual Krebs youth hunt passes on extraordinary young man's legacy.

Will Krebs paces heavily around the empty parking lot outside the Harper Community Center. He's focused and busy. He has no choice; to stop long enough to think about why he's here is just too painful.

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In The Wildhood

2020 photo contest winners.

Last June, as parks closed and both people and businesses started to lock down, we invited readers to pick up a camera or a smartphone, step into the backyard — or walk around the neighborhood — and share with us the wild beauty of Texas found just outside your doors.

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KTW 2011 coverKTW 2011 cover

Keep Texas Wild

It's not just for kids. If you like nature-related topics in an easy-to-read format, you can find three years of our popular Keep Texas Wild issues and the teacher resources to go along with them.

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