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You don’t have to travel from Amarillo to the Rio Grande Valley, or from El Paso to Texarkana to see the beauty of the Lone Star State — it’s as close as your neighborhood, or even your backyard.

This summer, we’re asking you to share that beauty with us.

Join our summer-long photo contest. Choose from 12 categories and more than 40 photo prompts, many found within a short distance of your own home. It’s easy to participate: just snap a photo in any category and post it to your favorite social media platform (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) with the hashtag #InTheWildHood. We’ll spotlight a different category each week on our social media pages. Look for our favorites in a future issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine.

For more info and complete rules of entry, click here.

Bird, reptile, amphibian

Small mammal, outdoor pet, backyard livestock

Flying bug, crawling bug, spider in web

Puddle, lake, stream, river, pond, fountain

Wind chimes, outdoor lights, gorgeous gardens

Rain, fog, sunshine, clouds, lightning

Birdhouse, gazing ball, statuary, pollinator plants

Succulent/cacti, flower, tree

Fungi/mushroom, moss, ivy, overgrown yard

Sunrise, sunset, moon, stars, Milky Way

Boat, fishing gear, neighborhood trail

Atmospheric, interesting rocks, nature abstracts

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