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FlatsWorthy Partnership Outfits Texas Game Wardens with Patrol Skiff

Texas game wardens working in coastal waters near Rockport now have access to a custom-made shallow-water skiff that will allow them to better patrol hard-to-reach marshes and bays. The boat was funded through a partnership between FlatsWorthy and Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation’s Gear Up for Game Wardens program that raised more than $60,000.

FlatsWorthy is a nonprofit that promotes boating courtesy among all who enjoy Texas’ shallow bays. The core founders and followers are guides, paddlers, airboaters, fly-fishermen, wade anglers and those who drift-fish or enjoy poling the flats.

“We are thrilled at the success of the fundraising partnership that will provide this tool for our game wardens,” says veteran fly-fishing guide Chuck Naiser, who led the effort to create FlatsWorthy. “It’s a sign that the public is ready to move forward in a positive way to change the culture on the water, that users and regulators can come together in agreement and accomplish something that will benefit us all. It is validation for FlatsWorthy and validation for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. We can accomplish good things by working together.”

The shallow-water skiff, called a curlew, maneuvers in areas that conventional boats cannot reach. The boat is designed to have minimal environmental impact on the shallow waters it will traverse. Having a better patrol presence in areas where there have been user conflicts will benefit all who use and enjoy the coastal flats.

Learn more at flatsworthy.com.

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