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Gear Up for Game Wardens Hits $2 Million Milestone

Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation’s Gear Up for Game Wardens program has reached a $2 million fundraising milestone.

Through private donations, Gear Up for Game Wardens provides specialty equipment that Texas game wardens need to maintain safety and ensure the highest level of service for the people of Texas. While the state provides the basic necessities for game wardens to do their jobs, there’s still a critical need for additional specialized equipment.

Since the program launched in October 2017, more than 1,300 donations have been made. Specialty gear has been purchased across all eight game warden regions and the statewide Special Operations Unit: search-and-rescue (SAR) drones, SAR inflatable boats, side-scan sonar units, water rescue dry suits, night vision and thermal imaging units, ATVs, UTVs and specialized K-9 units.

“The local committees are what make the program successful; 100 percent of every donation received for equipment goes directly to purchase the specialty gear,” says Austin Taylor, Gear Up for Game Wardens program manager. “Knowing that our Texas game wardens have the tools they need to make their jobs more efficient and safer is all that matters.”

Texas game wardens have watched over the lands, waters, wildlife and people of Texas for more than 100 years. Every year, they patrol more than 10 million miles by vehicle and 130,000 hours by boat, facing challenges as unique as the 254 counties they serve. To find out more about the program or to make a donation, click here.

“The support we have received through Gear Up for Game Wardens is incredible,” says Col. Chad Jones, TPWD Law Enforcement Division director. “We are so grateful knowing that the people of Texas appreciate what our game wardens do every single day.”

 Lydia Saldaña   Earl Nottingham | TPWD

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