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Why I Love State Parks

Clemente Guzman

Painter and naturalist, Texas State Parks Centennial Artist

I USED TO take daily walks at McKinney Falls State Park for inspiration. I’d stand above the lower falls and watch the water run through the shallow channels of limestone, carved by time.

Blue-green shimmers of reflected light bounced off the mossy floor. I’d dangle my fingers in the water to feel the current and temperature and absorb the energy.

Looking down from the edge of the falls, I’d watch largemouth bass, perch, turtles, alligator gar swimming, and herons feeding along the cypress-lined banks of Onion Creek. 

Nature has always inspired me. It gives off good energy. I don’t know of anything more divine and medicinal to the mind and spirit. If we could all experience it early in life, we’d be better stewards.

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