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Tips for Fall Turkey Hunting Success

Hunting the wily gobbler is considered the ultimate challenge by many hunters — an experience that lures turkey hunters back each year, as evidenced by a growing number of “beards” hanging in their dens. These delicious birds make for fine table fare, too.

The fall season began on Nov. 2. Here are some tips for better hunting success.

Be sure of your target and what is in front of and beyond the bird as it approaches.

• Properly and immediately tag your bird upon kill and retain proof of sex (e.g., leg/spur or patch of skin/beard) when and where required.

Pattern your shotgun or practice with your bow well before the season begins. Center your shot at the bottom of the neck (shotgun) or aim for the body at the confluence of the wing/breast feathers, just above the legs (bow).

• Turkeys easily see movement and colors, so hunting in clothing that matches the environment or breaks up a solid pattern is best. Good “snake” boots are recommended.

Calls such as barred owl, crow or peacock work great for locating birds on their roost.

• For safety, use hunter-orange flagging above your hunting post, an orange vest/hat while moving locations on public lands and an orange bag when taking your kill from the field.

Scout in advance to find roost sites and places where turkeys travel.

Use decoys to attract social birds.

• Don’t forget to buy a license and an upland game bird stamp.



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