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Tomahawks and Scoobies

Bend your knees, wind up and throw. Don’t forget to follow through. Keep an eye on your disc as it soars through the air. Watch out for that tree!

Disc golf shares many of the same rules and features as regular golf. The goal is to play each hole in the fewest strokes (throws with colorful names like Tomahawk and Scooby) as possible. Instead of a hole in the ground, disc golfers aim at metal baskets with chains.

There are more than 8,000 disc golf courses in the United States; Texas has the most courses of any state.  Lake Arrowhead State Park, near Wichita Falls, features the only disc golf course in a Texas state park.

“Lake Arrowhead State Park is unique because it really focuses on recreational opportunities,” says Superintendent Keith Gauthier. “We’ve got boat ramps, trails, fishing. Disc golf is another great attraction.”

The 18-hole course attracts area residents who visit the park just to throw some discs, and it also serves families and others staying at the park. Lake Arrowhead hosts a professional tournament each October.

Discs are available to borrow at the park office.

On the Flip Side

If you prefer a more traditional activity, Lake Arrowhead State Park offers lots of variety.


Oil History

A pumpjack near the campground and old derricks sticking out of the lake are reminders of the area’s historic ties to oil.


Twice the Fish

Two fishing piers allow for good lake access. The lake is renowned for crappie and catfish; no license is required in the park.


Launch an Adventure

Boating is a popular pastime here; boat ramps serve as a launching point for water skiing, sailing and more.

Lake Arrowhead State Park

  229 Park Road 63
Wichita Falls, TX 76310

  Park Admission $4 Daily;
Kids 12 and under: Free


  (940) 528-2211

Reservations are recommended for day use or overnight stays.

 Russell Roe   Tony Drewry | @beerpedaler

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