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Hunting 101s

Fall is just around the corner, and that means Texans are dreaming of getting out in the field to harvest meat and fill the family freezer. For experienced hunters, the preparation process is a natural one they’ve practiced for years. For the novice or lapsed hunter, hunter education gets you off on the right foot.

Each type of terrain or prey or sporting arm requires different techniques and methodology, different gear and different safety requirements. It can be baffling and overwhelming. What if there was a specific course to help guide you on your specific kind of hunt? There is!

Along with the basic hunter education program and certification (53,300 certified in 2020), the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officially launched an advanced hunter education program in 2021.

Though the program is advanced, it’s called Hunting 101 because it provides the basics for the particular prey you seek. Hunting 101s offer seminars, workshops and additional youth/mentor hunting opportunities and range days for Texans to learn how to specifically hunt doves, deer, turkey, waterfowl, upland game and small game.

Additional 101s will cover hunting species such as wild hogs and exotics and using hunting methods such as bows and muzzleloaders. Topics like outdoor survival and wild game cooking also are on the menu.

Click here to search for and register for 101s.

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