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Dove Hunting by the numbers


300,000+ Texas dove hunters
(30% of National Total)


4–5 Million Annual Texas Mourning Dove Harvested
(33% of National Total)


1.5–2 Million Annual Texas White-winged Dove Harvest
(90% of National Total)


$300 Million Annual Economic Impact of Dove hunting


80% of Doves are Harvested the first month of the season


11 Species of Doves and Pigeons in Texas

Three species (mourning, white-winged and white-tipped) are considered migratory game birds with hunting seasons in Texas. Two species (Eurasian collared and rock pigeons) are federally unprotected and may be hunted year round. Six species are non-hunted (Inca, common and ruddy ground doves; band-tailed, white-crowned and red-billed pigeons).

From top:  Yevgenii Movliev; Yorrico x 2; Thanaporn Wanichrattanawong; Oleksii Afanasiev; Yorrico | All Dreamstime.com

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